#Paris FlavourDay


On the 22nd November 2018, SNIAA, the French National Flavour Association, organises its 2018 FlavourDay around the theme: "Consumer expectations, customer needs: the flavouring industry answers.  

In line with the French law ‘General State of Food’, SNIAA invites you to dive into the heart of the food flavoring business to better understand how flavouring suppliers meet customer and consumer expectations.

More information and detailed programme at the SNIAA website:

Paris FlavourDay background


On November 16th 2017, SNIAA organised its FlavourDay, the fourth one of the European tour of #FlavourDays.

With more than 220 participants composed of national and international experts of the food industry (beverages, dairy products, biscuits, spirits, etc.) and the flavour industry, the room was packed to discuss a number of varied and enriching themes.

Michel Joannic, SNIAA Vice-President commented "We are delighted that this day Paris FlavourDay was so successful because it is an opportunity for us to demonstrate to our customers that we want to help them to improve their understanding of flavourings".

For more information, visit SNIAA website or contact the SNIAA team contact@sniaa.org