Perfumer and Flavourist - 26 July 2017

EU Flavor Regulations & Globalization: Q&A with Jean Robello, EFFA President
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Food Ingredients First - 26 June 2017

Key Interview: EFFA President Says, “Flavor is Not Only Taste But a Comprehensive Experience”
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Food Ingredients First - 22 June 2017

Brussels Flavor Day: The Role of Flavor in Consumer Trends
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Euractiv - 26 June 2017

On June 20th 2017, Brussels became the ’Capital of Flavour’.
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Perfumer & Flavourist - 7 June 2017

Conversation and Celebration: Brussels Flavour Day
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Euractiv - 6 June 2017

Brussels Flavour Day - The Contribution of Flavourings in The Future Of Food
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