New EFFA Board

New EFFA Board

Meet the new EFFA Board, from left to right: Massimo Barbeni (AISPEC), Jean Robello (Firmenich, Past President), Dirk Bennwitz (Symrise), Jean Mane (MANE, EFFA Treasurer), Antoine Kastler (Robertet, EFFA President), Henning Hartnacke (Givaudan, EFFA Vice President), Dirk-Archim Müller (DVAI), Marc van der Duijs (IFF) and Alexander Mohr, EFFA Executive Director.

From the 21st of September, EFFA has a renewed Board composition.

We welcomed two new EFFA Board members: Dirk Bennwitz (Symrise) replacing Heiner Schaper and Marc van der Duijs (IFF). 

The EFFA Secretariat and the entire Board took the opportunity to thank Heiner Schaper (Symrise) on his last EFFA Board meeting for his crucial contribution to the association as EFFA President from 2009 to 2013. 

The EFFA General Assembly voted unanimously to re-elect Jean Mane (MANE) as Treasurer, Antoine Kastler (Robertet) as new EFFA President and Henning Hartnacke (Givaudan) as new EFFA Vice-President.  

Jean Robello, who has been President of EFFA since 2013 and who played a key role over the past years as the Communication pillar Board liaison and few months as acting Executive Director will remain on the EFFA Board as ‘Past President’ and as Board liaison on Communications. 

Thank you to all of them!