Latest update of the EFFA Guidance Document on EU Flavouring Regulation

One of the main EFFA objectives is to stimulate, coordinate and monitor best practice in regulatory issues, and as such, we provide our membership and stakeholders with a Guidance Document on the EU Regulation on Flavourings. It is important for us to keep it always updated, therefore the documents is regularly revised. You will now find the an updated version of the EFFA Guidance Document relating to the production of Natural Flavouring Ingredients and a new attachment: ‘Attachment XI’– Examples of ‘Natural Flavouring’ (application 95/5-ratio)

·        Review of the EFFA Guidance Document regarding the Production of Natural Flavouring Ingredients (‘Sanity Check’)

The EFFA Working group on Natural Processes has completed an update of the EFFA Guidance Document on the production of Natural Flavouring Ingredients. It has been posted on the EFFA Public website as ‘Attachment II’ in the General EFFA Guidance Document on the Flavouring Regulation. 

·        Examples of ‘Natural <X> Flavouring’ (application of the 95/5-ratio)

EFFA has created a graphical depiction to illustrate the industry’s interpretation including some examples, confirmed by the European Commission, of the ‘Natural <X> Flavouring’.  With these examples (e.g. natural strawberry flavouring and natural lemon flavouring) it is demonstrated how to assess the 95/5-ratio of the flavouring component, by taking into account the entire flavouring preparation derived from the source materials (strawberry or lemon in the mentioned examples).

This depiction has been added as ‘Attachment XI’ to the General EFFA Guidance Document. 

You can find the EFFA Guidance Documents here

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