#Madrid FlavourDay

The Role of flavourings in the future of food and sustainability

The Spanish Association of Fragrances and Food Flavours (AEFAA) is preparing the #Madrid_FlavourDay that will give continuity to the successful history of the previous 7 European FlavourDays.

The 2019 Madrid FlavourDay will be held in Madrid that will become the capital of flavours on the 22nd of October 2019, at Palacio de las Alhajas, a maginificent historic building in the heart of the city. It is easily accessible and will provide an ideal environment for the event.

AEFAA invites you to explore "the role of flavourings in the future of food and sustainability" and discover, in an engaging way, how food flavourings can contribute to the creation of a more conscious, responsible, sustainable and tasty future.
Opening speeches by the presidents of IOFI, EFFA and AEFAA will be followed by a round table on the topic of challenges of a balanced nutrition, as well as tasting workshops - traditional to FlavourDays - on the topics of creativity, sustainability, conscious diet and products made in Spain.



More information about the event and the program can be found on the AEFAA website:

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