The FlavourDays have become the appointment you can’t miss in the world of flavourings all over Europe.

The journey started in Brussels in June 2017 with the first of its kind event bringing together the national, European and international Flavour associations with policy makers and stakeholders to discuss the Future of Food and the role that flavours will play on it.

It served as kick-off for a series of flavour events and now the FlavourDay logo can be seen around Europe in many events celebrating flavours organised by the EFFA National Associations.

Find more information about each of the FlavourDays below:

Brussels FlavourDay 2017

London FlavourDay 2017

Paris FlavourDay 2017

Copenhagen FlavourDay 2017

Istanbul FlavourDay 2018

Paris FlavourDay 2018

Berlin FlavourDay 2018

Grasse FlavourDay 2018

Madrid FlavourDay 2019

UK FlavourDay 2019

The FlavourDay concept, developed by EFFA, is now a registered trademark referring to an event that celebrates flavour and taste.

Below and an overview of the Media attention received by the FlavourDays in different European and international media ( In English, Turkish, French and Spanish).

Ingredients Insight


Perfumer & Flavourist

Agro Media