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Core Values

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The flavour industry invests around 10% of its turnover in Research & Development. Creativity and innovation form a very important part of our job. We are always looking for new ways to adapt to the different and changing demands of consumers, to new trends, to health concerns and for new flavours discovered in the world.

We are offering solutions for palatable products with reduced salt, a new twist on your favourite breakfast product or surprising you with a new ‘summer’ taste. The industry is always looking for new source materials, flavouring substances, using state of the art technology and is always keeping in touch with consumer trends.


Flavourings form an integral part of the circular economy, and as such, our companies implement/realise environmental/sustainable projects in all the steps of the production/value chain. From responsibly sourcing materials to water and waste reduction during the production process, from fair trade to reducing CO2 emissions. The flavour industry is committed to a sustainable use of the earth’s limited resources.

Moreover, we keep developing advanced technologies enabling us to increasingly flavour food for a steadily growing global population using sustainable raw materials.


Humankind has always made food more palatable by using the best technology available. In ancient times, the Egyptians, who were among the first to master the art of perfume, were also using spices and extracts to flavour their food. The art/craft of creating fragrances thrived in France during the enlightenment and most of the traditional techniques were fine-tuned back then to extract aromatic compounds from nature. This period created terms like ‘absolute’ and ‘essential’ oils. Later, inventive creators started to use extracts to flavour amazing food, delighting the palate of 19th century citizens with delightful candies. Many scientific discoveries also occurred during that century, enabling man to isolate and produce major aromatic substances such as vanillin. Many of today’s flavour companies started in the 19th century and look back on more than 150 years of experience in working closely with the food industry to bring safe, convenient and delicious foods to consumers. Many of these companies were passed down the generations, keeping them as family businesses.


It’s in our DNA! We bring pleasure to consumers because we love what we do. Or, we love what we do because it’s bringing pleasure to consumers! The industry is filled with dedicated people who devote their career to flavourings. Once you enter the industry it captures you. When EFFA members sit together at a restaurant table it is a ritual to name the flavours in the food. And do not forget: we are consumers ourselves!

Working in the flavour industry means immersing yourself at the same time into the fascinating world of botanical science of the raw materials you extract, the intricacies of biochemistry of the aromatic constituents and the mysteries of the human, sensorial and emotional systems.

Taste and smell are directly connected with the brain. So, every flavouring triggers specific emotions, memories. It’s more than about a ‘strawberry flavouring’. It is about a spring feeling, a homemade jam taste, a fun childhood memory.

We bring passion to your plate and tongue!

Economic & social footprint

The EU flavour industry has a turnover of around two billion Euro.

Even though, smaller in scale when compared to the EU Food and Drink industry, we are of utmost importance for the competitiveness of the largest industry in Europe. Taste consistently belongs to one of the main criteria for consumers when deciding to choose a food product. A large proportion of processed food products are flavoured.

Our member companies are located in about 14 European countries. Flavour companies foster the dynamism of local economies and raise employment. Thanks to their integration into the local ecosystem, they foster the development of their partners in the food chain. The innovative and successful European flavour industry enables European technology to thrive on five continents, creating jobs and contributing positively to the commercial balance of Europe.

Responsibility & Transparency

For the flavour industry, safety is always their first and top commitment to consumers and clients alike. The regulatory departments of our member companies make sure that everything that they sell complies with the strict legislation in place.

In addition to that, the flavour industry has set itself very high standards and continuously improves them. Through EFFA, the industry has defined strict rules for itself to be respected and developed Guidance Documents to help doing so.

Be part of it! We want our customers and the general public to participate in this knowledge in a transparent way. In our web presence you can find the EFFA Guidance Documents and information letters that explain all the applicable EU legislation and how it affects flavourings in particular. We remain at your disposal for any further clarification needed.

Flavour industry, with a long past and an innovative future.