About EFFA

European Flavour Association

Our members are flavour houses and National Flavour Associations from across Europe.

Our Vision is to be the voice of flavour in Europe, leading a Europe-wide strategy to the benefit of the flavour industry, its customers and consumers alike. 


Mission & Objectives

European leaders in the world of flavour providing long term positioning as a trusted and impactful partner and supporting the flavour industry by providing coordination and direction.


  • To promote and support a consistent European-wide strategy on flavour issues;
  • To monitor flavour-related EU legislation;
  • To stimulate, coordinate and monitor best practice in regulatory, safety, technical, communication and scientific issues;
  • To create networks and alliances with other European Associations;
  • To coordinate approved European work streams and projects;
  • To provide coordination and communication between members.

At global level, EFFA is a member of the International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI).




The governing body of the Association is the General Assembly. It consists of ordinary member representatives (both National Flavour Associations and Company Ordinary Members). They have a physical meeting at least once per year.


EFFA President - Mr. Antoine Kastler (Robertet)
Past President - Mr. Jean Robello (Firmenich)
Vice President - Mr. Henning Hartnacke (Givaudan)
Treasurer - Mr. Jean Mane (SNIAA)
Mr. Massimo Barbeni (AISPEC)
Dr. Dirk-Achim Müller (DVAI)
Mr. Dirk Bennwitz (Symrise)
Mr. Marc van der Duijs (IFF) 
Mr. Alexander Mohr, PhD (EFFA Executive Director) 


EFFA has several Committees and Working Groups (WG). All of the WGs and Committees work in close coordination which each other. Task Forces are formed in cause of specific topics and in order to work efficiently on single tasks.


Flavour Expert Committee (FLEX)

The FLEX is the standing expert committee, consultative body of the Association focused on delivering EFFA's regulatory, safety, technical and scientific positions. Under FLEX and depending on the need, task forces and working groups can be created.

Under the FLEX a Core Group is established aiming at ensuring a smooth implementation of the strategy defined by the Executive Board and at improving the efficiency of the decision-making processes of the FLEX.  For that purpose, the Core Group prepares the decisions to be submitted for approval to the FLEX.

Working Group on Natural Processes (WGNP)

EFFA Working Group on Natural Processes (WGNP) is a group of experts that belongs to the European Flavour Association (EFFA). It provides a forum for its members to discuss and to deliver the technical guidance on processes which are permissible to manufacture Natural Flavouring Substances and (Natural) Flavouring Preparations in the EU.


Communications Working Group (CWG)

As part of developing and implementing EFFA’s external communication strategy, the association established a Communication Working Group (CWG) with communication experts from its members, in order to ensure a coordinated voice on flavouring topics. CWG provides the necessary support for the implementation of the EFFA Communication strategy and ensures its follow-up.

In addition, EFFA established a Communication Community, an online Community group consisting of professionals in charge of communication aspects in each of the 22 EFFA members to keep them always informed about EFFA communication projects

Public Affairs

Public Affairs Committee (PAC)

After our Regulatory and Communications Committees, this is the 3rd pillar of the EFFA structure. Its main objective is the establishment and development (and execution) of an EFFA Public Affairs strategy for the coming years. The PAC is formed by experts of national associations and member companies dealing with government/external relations.




Alexander Mohr, PhD

Executive Director

Dr Jan Demyttenaere

Director Scientific and Regulatory Affairs

Jimena Gómez de la Flor

Communications Director
EFFA Public Affairs Officer - Bo Dohmen

Bo Dohmen


Niamh Whiteley

EFFA Secretariat and Communication

Sophie Varlet

Budget & HR Manager