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Since its inception in 2017, FlavourDays has evolved into a must-attend event in the European flavourings industry, offering a platform for professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders to delve into the future of food and the vital role that flavours play in shaping it.

The #Brussels_FlavourDay held in June 2017 marked a foundational moment by bringing together national, European, and international flavour associations, policymakers, and stakeholders. This event set the stage for a series of gatherings that followed, each adding a new layer of insight and experience to the flavour industry's storytelling.

The FlavourDays journey continued from Brussels, spanning cities such as Paris, Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Grasse, and Madrid, Milan and even a Virtual FlavourDay.

This year, the flavour celebration returns to well-established ones (London and Berlin).

2024 editions

London FlavourDay 2024

The London Flavour Day 2024 took place on 8th April at The Wellcome Collection, London, UK.

Organised by the UK Flavour Association, this event featured insightful discussions on the role of flavour in food choices and pathways to sustainability within the flavour industry.

More information on the UK Flavour Association website.

Berlin FlavourDay 2024

Organised by DVAI, the German Flavour Association, the fourth Berlin Flavour Day will take place on 07 November 2024 at Waldorf Astoria Hotel under the motto "Future Food – The tension inventiveness and European regulations". This year there will also be interesting lectures, as well as a discussion panel. In cooperation with our member companies, new projects and products will be presented at stands.

More information on the DVAI website.

2023 editions

Organised by Aispec, the Italian Association of Fine Chemicals and Specialized Sectors, the #MilanFlavourDay will showcase the world of flavours under the theme: tradition, science and future.

Speakers such as Fulvio Piccinino, writer and expert liqueur teacher, Silvano Fuso, chemist and science communicator, Mauro Fontana, President of Italian Union of sustainable palm oil, and Anna Barbara, President of POLI.design and teacher of Olfactive Design, will take the attendees on a journey that begins with tradition and reaches the future through science.

The event will be hosted by the Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum of Milan, and in the context of the #FlavourDay, the flavours and fragrances group of AISPEC is partnering with the Museum to provide a workshop for high school students. This laboratory will enable students to explore and learn about the world of flavourings, and it will run from the 26thof September until the 4th of October.

For more information and registrations: aispec@federchimica.it

The second stop of the year is in Berlin. Organised by DVAI, the German Flavour Association, this will be the third Berlin FlavourDay, and it will take place on the 9th of November at The Westin Grand. The motto for the day: "Food diversity with flavours: sustainable - safe - healthy".

The program includes lectures, a panel discussion, and, in collaboration with DVAI member companies, the unveiling of new projects and products at various booths. More information and registration at the DVAI website:

Flavour Days (aromenverband.de)

The annual tour will end in Paris. The sixth edition of the #Paris_FlavourDay (Paris Journée Arômes) is planned on the 14th of November, 2023.

Organised by SNIAA, the French Flavour Association, this FlavourDay is focused on the theme: "Flavourings, your sensory allies," discovering all the added value of these essential ingredients for today's and tomorrow's food. The event will address topics such as trends, sustainable food, consumers' perception and challenges of the flavour industry.

The entire programme and registration are available at the SNIAA website: Découvrez le programme de la Journée Arômes | Le SNIAA

FlavourDays around Europe

Now the FlavourDay logo can be seen around Europe in many events celebrating flavours organised by the EFFA National Associations.

Brussels FlavourDay 2017

London FlavourDay 2017

Paris FlavourDay 2017

Copenhagen FlavourDay 2017

Istanbul FlavourDay 2018

Paris FlavourDay 2018

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Grasse FlavourDay 2018

Madrid FlavourDay 2019

UK FlavourDay 2019

Paris FlavourDay 2021

Berlin FlavourDay 2021

Virtual FlavourDay 2021

FlavourDays in the press

The FlavourDay concept, developed by EFFA, is now a registered trademark referring to an event that celebrates flavour and taste.

Below and an overview of the Media attention received by the FlavourDays in different European and international media (in English, Turkish, French and Spanish).

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