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EFFA hosts a Webinar on: ‘The EU Green Deal and its impact on the flavour industry’

On 30 November 2022, EFFA hosted a webinar for its membership on the EU Green Deal and its impact for the flavour industry. The event saw also the participation as guest of Sebastian Emig, Executive Director and Olivier Devaux, Senior Public Affairs & Communications Manager of the European Snacks Association (ESA). Mr Emig provided a presentation over the effects of the Green Deal on the snacks industry.

Mr Alexander Mohr, EFFA Executive Director, welcomed the participants and Ms Ute Wölke, Chair of the EFFA Public Affairs Committee (PAC), introduced the topic of the webinar.

Then, Mr Andrea Occhionero, EFFA Public Affairs Manager, provided an overview of the three main EU policy initiatives impacting the flavouring industry within the Green Deal: The Farm to Fork Strategy, the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, and the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability (CSS).

In the closing remarks, PAC Chair Ms Ute Wölke reaffirmed the importance of the flavour industry for the future of the food supply chain: in particular, she underlined how the industry is already highly committed to important targets of the Green Deal, such as the improvement of sustainability performances and the contribution to healthy and balanced diets.

EFFA membership can find the full recording of the webinar on the EFFA Member Network.

With more than 120 attendees, the webinar was a success. After the high interest from the EFFA membership of this first EFFA Webinar, EFFA is planning to hold more EU policy related webinars in 2023.