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Joint Letter to European Commission on the Sustainability of Food System Framework Initiative

The European Flavour Association (EFFA) has joined forces with other food and drink associations in signing a letter to the European Commission regarding the Sustainability of Food System Framework Initiative (SFSF).

The flavour industry, as a crucial part of the agri-food chain, joins the signatories in supporting the Farm to Fork Strategy core objective to make our food systems more sustainable and welcomes the Commission's ambition to establish a new EU framework legislation to facilitate the transition towards sustainable food systems.

In order to achieve this transition, a supportive policy is needed, which is why the signatories put forward a series of recommendations, including a clear definition of sustainability, legal certainty, policy coherence, multi-stakeholder cooperation, inter linkage between food security and sustainable food systems, consideration of trade and international dimension, a realistic cost review, and recognition of the diversity of the agri-food realities in their contribution to sustainability.

These recommendations reflect EFFA’s position on SFSF and its commitment to promoting sustainable food systems. Taste being a driver of choice when it comes to food products, the flavour industry is committed to being a reliable partner in making the shift towards more sustainable food systems desirable and accessible to all.

You can read the full letter below.

Joint letter from the agri food chain on FSFS