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At the last European Association Summit (EAS) 2020, taking place in Brussels on the 10th and 11th of March and gathering association professionals from all over Europe, EFFA was invited to provide a session on Membership Engagement.

Membership is at the core of an association, it’s the very reason why we exist so it is crucial to communicate with them. Even to go a step further and fully engage with them, make them feel part of the association and proud to be a member, so we can better understand their needs in order to represent them.

EFFA presented at the EAS the ‘Flavour Ambassadors’ campaign, which is an external communication campaign where membership engagement was both, a key element for its success and an internal communication objective in itself.

During the presentation, EFFA’s Communications Director, Jimena Gomez de la Flor, outlined the ingredients of the campaign that made it a success: pride, community, branding, and of course communication (#FlavourPro). Then, invited the audience to share their own ingredients of success and practical ideas in order to design together a successful membership engagement recipe.

Jan Lichota, from the Brussels Convention Bureau, and organiser of the event said, the EFFA session was on the top five sessions rated by the participants and highlighted the “Beautiful dynamics and engagement at the membership session. A great example to use a case study for a wide-reaching discussion. The learnt items shall be very helpful in times of the need to reinforce the ties with members.”