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The European Commission (EC) has recently published a Roadmap on the Farm to Fork Strategy where it recognises that a sustainable food strategy is key to achieving the goals of the European Union Green Deal.

The main objectives of this strategy are:

Ensure sustainable primary production

Stimulate sustainable food processing, retail, hospitality and food services’ practices;

Promote sustainable food consumption, facilitating the shift towards healthy, sustainable diets;

Reduce food loss and waste.

The European flavour industry has been committed to sustainable processing since many years, both at local and global level. Sustainability is in our DNA; responsible sourcing, reducing the environmental footprint and addressing climate change, the well-being of employees, product safety and transparency are our core principles.

EFFA supports the principles laid out in the Roadmap on the Farm to Fork Strategy and looks forward to the final draft of the Strategy. In the meantime, welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the Roadmap through the EU Public Consultation on the Farm to Fork Roadmap.