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Welcome to the first edition of the Flavour Ambassadors Update. We are happy to share it with you as this Update is a recapitulation of the developments in this EFFA multimedia project and will keep you informed about the evolution of the project, will give an overview of the most recent interviews and an outlook on what is coming up next.

EFFA Flavour Ambassador Project

The European flavour sector is diverse and innovative. It encompasses scientific, regulatory, sales and research professionals to find ways to meet the constantly changing market demand.

All the many layers of expertise and knowledge that go into the development of flavourings which enrich our food and drinks are truly fascinating. The profiles of the people who work in this sector are just as diverse and complex as the flavours themselves. The Flavour Ambassadors Project aims to showcase exactly that.

The EFFA community of Flavour Ambassadors consists of professionals who love what they do and were eager to give first-hand insight into the value that they bring to their flavour house and, more generally, to the food and drink products we consume daily.

EFFA Flavour Ambassadors Interviews

From the launch of the project back in February of this year, we had the opportunity to publish video interviews of six different professionals from 5 different departments. Each Ambassador shared their own perspective on their specific area of expertise and their role within the flavour house.

Our Flavour Ambassador, Agneta Hoffmann is a Marketing Team Leader in a flavour house and she explained how the marketing department detects and works hard to meets consumers’ needs.

In further interviews, Ute Woelke – Vice President of Strategic and Regulatory Affairs and Nadine Babarit, Regulatory Affairs Manager, shared how regulatory constraints impact the activity of flavour production. They related the importance of collaboration between the regulatory department and all other departments of the flavour house.

We had the opportunity to share Renaud Bouat’s outlook on the importance of the role of the Research and Development department. From the perspective of a company owner, Bruno Verhenne shared with us what the management processes and communication with all the teams look like. Rachel Dimelow, a Category Material Specialist, shared her insight into the diversity of the raw materials that go into creating a flavour and the sensory experience that it evokes.

So far, the response to the Flavour Ambassadors project has exceeded our expectations. Sharing the videos and interviews on social media has been proven to be a great way to share all the many different roles and responsibilities comprised in a flavour house. Through the project we aim to paint a truthful picture of the European flavour industry and focus on its value and complexity, and we are happy that our Flavour Ambassadors are encouraging the readers to explore it.

We are very thankful to all our Flavour Ambassadors for volunteering to show their passion and contribute towards demystifying the flavour industry. We are looking forward to sharing more interviews from more flavour industry professionals in the coming months.

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