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Joint Position Paper on the future EU-UK trade agreement

EFFA together with our member the UK Flavour Association have developed a Joint Position Paper on the future EU-UK Trade agreement. The objective of this Paper is to outline the position of the European flavour industry for a future EU-UK trade agreement and explain the role the flavour industry plays in terms of trade.

In anticipation of the 2020 trade talks between the EU and the UK, we would like to highlight the potential challenges for the European and UK flavour industry.

  • A minimum of administrative burden needs to be kept and negotiators should apply the principles of free trade as much as possible.
  • Regulatory consistency is crucial for the functioning of the EU internal market, in particular to the European flavour industry, as it is dependent on this consistency and alignment of common rules.
  • The principle of mutual recognition should continue to be applied.
  • Sufficient transitional periods should be foreseen to adjust to the new scenario, to avoid any disruptions throughout the supply chain.

You can read the Position Paper below.