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The Flavour of Europe project takes an exciting twist with signature Gin

EFFA is thrilled to announce that our Flavour of Europe is now also a cocktail, adding one more twist to this captivating project. The Flavour of Europe, which represents the diverse tastes and traditions of Europe, has found its perfect companion in a Gin recipe that holds a rich family heritage dating back to 1838. Following current trends, we have also developed a non-alcoholic version of the drink.

Back in 2021, our Flavour Ambassadors from all across Europe, got together to create a Flavour that represents all of Europe, with its differences and similarities. Three distinct flavours were created: Northern & Eastern European berries, vanilla & rose for the central notes and citrus for the Mediterranean touch. The actual Flavour of Europe is the perfect combination of the three previous flavourings into one unique taste that celebrates Europe.

This final flavouring, thanks to the Belgian distillery Spirits by Design, has now been infused into a delightful Gin, creating the unique ‘Flavour of Europe Gin’. The recipe of the Gin that served as the base is an incredible story in itself. Belonging to the great-great-grandmother of the founder of Spirits by Design, it was stumbled upon almost by accident in their family house.

In addition to this, and being sugar free, the Flavour of Europe project also embraces the growing demand for non-alcoholic alternatives. The exceptional expertise of the flavour industry allows for innovative and sustainable food systems, including a wide range of products such as non-alcoholic spirits. As part of this initiative, we are proud to present the non-alcoholic version of the Flavour of Europe Gin.

Steve Pearce, EFFA Flavour Ambassador, who led the team that developed the Flavour of Europe, expressed his excitement about the project: "It was a pleasure and an honour to work with such talented flavourists from across Europe, celebrating their collective talent and showcasing the remarkable diversity and interconnectedness of European flavours. With Spirits by Design's added know-how, we can now raise our glasses to a truly European drink".

Both versions have already left a lasting memory. They were served as a Gin & Tonic, as the highlight of an exclusive event, attended by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), who were captivated by their taste and symbolic representation of European flavours. We are delighted to announce that these signature Gin & Tonics will continue to be served at upcoming events.

Mark van der Duijs, EFFA President, highlighted: “Through this innovative project, EFFA and its members reaffirm the commitment of the flavour industry to accompany consumers on their flavour journey, making food choices, tasty, sustainable, healthy and enjoyable”.

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