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The #VirtualFlavourDay have received an award for “Best Virtual Event up to 1500 Delegates”.

✨ The #FlavourofEurope & the #VirtualFlavourDay have been transformed from a dream & a conversation into a tasty box of candies & a successful event and now into an Award for the flavour industry.

On Friday 1st of July, took place the ceremony of the Conference & Events Awards 2022, and the Virtual FlavourDay received a Silver Award as “Best Virtual Event up to 1500 Delegates” and an honourable mention in the category “Best Association / Not for Profit Event” at the Conference and Events Awards 2022.

We are very honoured to have received this prestigious award in the midst of a pandemic when almost all events were turned into a Virtual Event. Our #FlavourDay was different because we managed to bring the sensorial and tasty world to the virtual stage thanks the #FlavourofEurope and the creative talent of our #FlavourAmbassadors. 👏

This award means also that the #Flavour story is a passionate one, and that people are looking forward to hearing it, experiencing it and learning more about it. And that our main message #BetterTogether is stronger than ever!

Thank you for making it happen to each and all of you!

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