Fact Sheets

On this page you will find Fact Sheets and Infographics developed by the EFFA Committees to explain further what flavourings are and their characteritics.

Infographic - A short introduction to flavourings

A flavouring is a food ingredient that brings taste and variety to food. Flavourings have been added to food since ancient times: the Egyptians were the first to add aromatic compounds to their food, like herbs, spices, plant extracts and infusions.

Find out more about flavourings in our Infographic here.

Fact Sheet on the nutritional value of flavourings

The European Flavour Association (EFFA) welcomes the European Commission’s (EC) Farm to Fork Strategy and the associated initiative on front-of-pack (FOP) nutrition labelling. As an important ingredient supplier to the European food & drink industry, the European flavour industry forms an integral part of the Farm to Fork value chain. Against this backdrop, EFFA would like to clarify the negligible impact of flavourings on the nutritional value of a finished food or drink product.

You can read more on our Fact Sheet on the nutritional value of flavourings here